Why to choose underfloor heating?

Why to choose underfloor heating? 1. The optimal distribution of temperature in a room – Comfort of use.

The underfloor heating system was known and used long time ago in ancient Greece and Rome. Nowadays, the underfloor heating system is one of the most effective methods of room heating.

Hydronic underfloor heating provides the optimal, almost ideal system, known as vertical temperature distribution in a room, which corresponds with natural, physiological needs of a man. Ideal heat comfort is provided by the low temperature at the head level and higher temperature at the floor level. This kind of heating system is indispensable in sitting rooms located on the ground floor; in high rooms like sports halls, factories, as well as in detached houses, apartments and conference rooms, exhibition and representation halls, where the heat should be distributed evenly with all floor surface, not only in the area of radiators.

2. The low temperature of system operation – Energy saver.

The important advantage of this method is also the low temperature of heating surface, which comes to 22-26°C, and which, by limiting the air circulation, prevents bacterias and microorganisms from rising into the air. This feature of underfloor heating is particularly important in rooms with high requirements of hygiene standards. Healthy air, with proper humidity, without positive ionization and dust, limits the risk of allergy, colds, tiredness and sleepiness.

Hydronic underfloor heating allows to lower the air temperature in the heated room by 2ºC on average, which corresponds with the energy economy at the level of 12%. The low temperature of system operation allows using high performance gas boilers, including condensed boilers, as well as unconventional appliances: heat pumps and solar collectors.

3. No visible heating elements – Aestethic interior.

The underfloor hydronic system is installed under the floor surface. This means it is not visible in a room, which allows for unlimited combination of interior arrangements, including effective under window area management, not ‘spoilt’ by a traditional radiator. Underfloor heating will also provide warmth for stone floor which would not be possible in case of traditional heating.

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