Underfloor heating:

Damp-proof foil MAXL Laminate 9001

Size: 100 cm wide winding length 50 m Colour: RED GRID
MAXL Laminate 9001 is a laminate of metallized polyethylene and polypropylene foils, with overprint between layers in the form of continuous and discontinuous lines which create a grid with the 10 cm long side size, facilitating mounting of the heating system. MAXL Laminate 9001 protects foamed polystyrene from technological moisture coming from cement mortar while placing top floor layers on them. Metallized surface (with its high aluminium adhesion to polypropylene layer) creates a screen reflecting the radiant heat with its entire surface in a desired direction, which prevents excessive heat loss. The basis weight of MAXL Laminate 9001 foil, which was used in production, gives it optimal weight to resistance and water vapour permeability ratio. MAXL Laminate 9001 foil is resistant to mechanical tear and it is characterized by very low water vapour permeability.