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Meat Candy: Bacon Brownies Cassandra Cookson

Meat Candy: Bacon Brownies

Cassandra Cookson

Kindle Edition
21 pages
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 About the Book 

Bacon. It’s crispy. It’s salty. It’s delicious.It’s also a great addition to sweets. Oh, yes. Think about the bite and crispiness of dark chocolate laced with almonds and sea salt. Adding bacon to your desserts gives you the same depth of texture and turbocharged flavor but with the added mouthfeel that only comes from delicious fat.Adding bacon is also a cheap way to make an easy food look complicated and difficult.Either way, you win.The Meat Candy series takes bacon off the breakfast table and puts it into your favorite desserts. You’ll find recipes for bacon ice cream, bacon cakes, bacon pastries, bacon cookies, and straight up bacon candy.This book is all about taking a decadent treat and making it better with bacon. That’s right. It’s a nonstop parade of bacon brownie recipes. Your arteries may be hardening at the thought, but that odd sensation in your mouth is your taste buds doing a victory dance.