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Noahs Art F.X. Lord

Noahs Art

F.X. Lord

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 About the Book 

When Noah was 8 years-old his father told him, ‘One day you will be the greatest footballer ever, greater even than Ryan Giggs.’ Shortly thereafter Noah would be diagnosed with cancer resulting in the amputation of one of his legs.Noah worries that he might die until his Uncle Peter tells him a fantastic story about his Great Grandfather, who was certain he would die once in the skies over Germany. That was until a mysterious orb of light rescued him. When Noah sees that light himself he is convinced that he won’t die as he is special.His father then disappears from his life, leaving only vivid memories. But Noah believes he will come back when he becomes a great artist, and would look upon him with the same pride he used to feel when he saw Noah with a football. To this end, he hones his talent in secret, since his mother thinks that art is a foolhardy profession, enlisting the help of that brilliant orb of light to produce his compositions.When he hears from his mother that his father has become terminally ill, Noah realises he doesn’t have a lot of time to make him proud. But, as doubt enters his heart and the orb light dwindles, Noah begins to face the possibility that he isn’t special after all.