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Retribution, Book 2 in The Unsaid Trilogy Sally Royer-Derr

Retribution, Book 2 in The Unsaid Trilogy

Sally Royer-Derr

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

He’s going back to jail,” Amy said. She laid the knife down on the black granite kitchen counter.I wish everything could stay exactly as it is today.Amy Lopez believes that after 15 years she is safe and secure. Her solid and sizzling marriage to Danny Lopez has produced two beautiful children and the perfect loving home. But with her past in the form of Alex Miller about to hit her square in the face, literally and figuratively, again is Amy really safe or has she been lulled into a sense of false security?If we had to face the most terrifying event in our lives, would we have what it takes to stand up for what we believe in? Could we sacrifice ourselves to save those nearest to us? Amy is the determined heroine who has to prepare for battle yet again and she will need to draw on every ounce of strength to do so.In Retribution, the second gripping instalment of the Unsaid Trilogy author Sally Royer-Derr takes us further into Amy’s psychological journey. Unlike so many series that tend to be somewhat predictable, Royer-Derr’s Retribution throws some great twists into the plot to keep readers glued-and on their toes. Alex has an ally and has convinced everyone, save for Amy and Danny, that he is a new and improved man. Amy knows Alex for what he really is.The tension is mounting between Amy and Alex, leading up to a showdown. But the stakes are higher this time. It is no longer just Amy against Alex because Alex is ready to strike out at anything and everything Amy loves. Alex is bent on destroying Amy’s happiness, her life, and every last family member if it is the last thing Alex does.Let’s hope he meets his end before it’s too late.Will Alex succeed in his hate-fuelled and rage-fed revenge quest? Will Amy finally be free of the evil force that has cast a shadow over her life? Retribution keeps us hooked to the end and prepares readers for the extraordinary events in the third and final book of the Unsaid Trilogy.